Are You Seeing Emerging Tulips?

February 12, 2020 by Team Journey North

It's only February but in some places tulips are already starting to emerge!

“Last week, our temperature was exceptionally warm and sunny. Our high was 72 degrees! We are anxious to see what this temperature change will do to our tulips. This made it seem like spring instead of winter.” Submission by Debra. (Prosperity, SC. 1/22/2020)

Tulips Emerging

Last fall 157 tulip test gardens were planted and a handful of those are starting to emerge! From Oregon to Virginia, Journey North gardeners across the United States and Canada are recording tulips just beginning to sprout out of the soil.

From Memphis, Tennessee: Donna noted, “it’s been a warm winter in Memphis. Our bulbs have emerged!” (02/04/2020)

From Granby, Missouri: Karen said, “my sister in Granby, Missouri has Tulips coming up!!”  (01/29/2020)

From Vienna, Virginia: Susan said, “We noticed about 40 tulips emerging. You can only see the small green tips. This is the earliest they have emerged in 5 years! We are a little worried that we may get frost in the next few weeks which may damage our flowers.” (02/02/2020)

From Oregon City, Oregon: Margo observed, “the first tulip was discovered Jan. 16, and the second one on Jan. 22. It has been unusually warm this winter and we have seen other things blooming earlier than usual.”  (01/16/2020)

Track Change

Study the map to see where there’s action!

Inspire students to think and act like scientists as they observe seasonal changes in the garden. Use notebooking sheets to record soil temperatures, measure growth, and draw and describe the garden. Provide a workplace where  they can document discoveries and record questions.

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