Blooming Tulips are Spreading Joy

April 7, 2020 by Team Journey North

More tulips are blooming in the United States and emerging farther north in Canada.

“Our tulips are in full bloom. Although schools are all out in Virginia due to the pandemic, students are viewing photos and doing activities via our school sites.” Submission by Susan (Vienna, VA; 03/24/2020)

Tulips Emerging 

Spring may be here but snow is still present in certain places. Fortunately, tulips are a resilient species and can tolerate periods of cold and snow. In Canada, some Journey North gardeners are observing tulips emerging even though winter is hanging on, while in other parts of the country, warm weather is driving early emergence.

From St-Constant, QC: Denis noted, “warm weather makes them [tulips] emerge early this year.” (03/26/2020)

From Leduc, AB: Kimberly observed, “tulips emerge in spite of snow hanging on.” (03/29/2020)

Tulips Blooming

Across much of the United States, tulip test gardens are beginning to bloom. Although students have shifted to distance learning, teachers and volunteers are keeping them updated by sharing reports and photos. During these difficult times, blooming tulips are providing much-needed joy and hope. 

From Independence, KS: Patsy noted, “Mrs. Bowen, Primary Science for Eisenhower Elementary, reports that our tulips have bloomed! Our seven first grade classes have moved to learning at home, so student observations are unavailable.” (03/23/2020)

From Evansville, IN: Tonya said, “Joshua Academy Charter School is in bloom!” (03/27/2020)

From Half Way, MO: Kathy shared, “Yay spring is here!” (03/29/2020)

From Littleton, CO: Lauren said, “Unfortunately, our students have switched to remote learning from home, but our tulips at the school are growing strong!” (03/30/2020)

From Baltimore, MD: David shared, “Our tulips have bloomed despite our school closure!” (03/04/2020)

Are you seeing emerging or blooming tulips? Be sure to report your sightings.

Track Change

Study the map to see where there’s action!

Inspire students at home to think and act like scientists as they observe photos of seasonal changes in the garden. Use notebooking sheets to estimate growth, and draw and describe the garden. 

Exploring Together

Looking for fun activities to do at home? Journey North has many informative educational resources and activities.

This week in Exploring Together, we feature resources related tulip botany and how you might protect your tulips from hungry critters. 

Signs of Spring

What makes you think of spring? Are you noticing other signs of spring besides tulips?

Submit your other signs of spring sightings to Journey North: Go to the Journey North sightings page and under the ‘Select Species or Event‘ dropdown menu, select ‘All Other Signs of Spring’. Let us know what you are observing!