Starting to Emerge!

February 12, 2021 by Team Journey North

While much of the continent is still in the grip of winter, some Tulip Test Gardens are starting to emerge.

“Our second and third graders planted tulips in our school garden in San Diego. It was a warm day and we hope that we will see the tulips emerge soon!” Photo by: Kimberly (La Jolla, CA; 01/12/2021)

Tulips Emerging

Last fall 142 Tulip Test Gardens were planted across North America. In southern regions of the U.S., some bulbs are starting to emerge.

Tyler in Durham, NC: “Bulbs emerged on 1/15/2021. The bulbs were planted outside in pots of 3-4 per pot. The bulbs were chilled from 11/24/2020 until 12/18/2020 outside on a bench. The bulbs were then moved back inside the greenhouse and started emerging on 1/15.” (01/15/2021)

Marie in Alexandria, VA: “These [bulbs] have emerged earlier but today is the day we saw it!” (02/05/2021)

Spring is Around the Corner

Gather your questions about tulips, gardens, planting experiments, daylight, and climate.

  • Are my tulips growing?
  • How does weather affect tulips?
  • What is happening underground?
  • Where on the map will the first tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips bloom?

This spring, report from your garden twice: when tulips EMERGE, and when tulips BLOOM.