Spring is Here!

March 26, 2021 by Team Journey North

Spring's arrival and emerging and blooming tulips are spreading joy across North America.

“Noticed 6 tulips emerging from the ground that were planted in the fall of 2020.” Photo by: Jim (Wyoming, MN; 03/18/2021)

Emerging Tulips

Spring is here and more Journey North gardens are reporting emerging tulips. Where will tulips emerge next week? Explore maps from previous years to compare data and make a prediction.

Holly in Chelmsford, MA: “Last week we had temperatures in the 60s. Then the temperature plummeted to the 20s. That’s when the tulips, 5 out of 25, decided to emerge.” (03/15/2021)

Scarlett in Waterloo, QC: “We planted 70 tulip bulbs last Fall, along with 50 daffodils and 35 hyacinths. We spotted five tulips emerging, along with a couple of hyacinths and daffodils. We are expecting the next week to bring very warm temperatures, which should quickly melt the remaining snow and make everything just pop! Here is hoping that any remaining snow falls won’t be too damaging.” (03/20/2021)

Wiebke in Columbiaville, MI: “I checked on 03/22/2021 and they were not up and then when I checked today there they were!” (03/24/2021)

Blooming Tulips

Reports of blooming tulips are still largely concentrated in the low latitudes of the US

Grace in Atlanta, GA: “We have been checking every day and the first tulip bloomed today!” (03/12/2021)

Anita in Tamassee, SC: “Buds emerged over the weekend, but the buds opened on the 23rd. We observed them open further and further throughout the morning.” (03/23/2021)

 Donna in Louisville, KY: “We went out to check the tulips and were surprised to see that they had bloomed.” (03/23/2021)

Report Your Observations

If you planted a Tulip Test Garden last fall, don’t forget to report twice: when tulips EMERGE and when tulips BLOOM.

Signs of Spring

What makes you think of spring? Are you noticing other signs of spring besides tulips? Report your other signs of spring to Journey North. Use the reporting category ‘All Other Signs of Spring’. Let us know what you are observing!