Starting to Emerge!

February 21, 2022 by Team Journey North

Although winter isn't over yet, some Tulip Test Gardens are starting to emerge. This spring, report from your garden twice: when tulips emerge, and when tulips bloom.

“The snow melted and we were all surprised to see that some tulips had emerged! Spring is on the way in Pelham, NY!” Photo: Lisa in Village of Pelham, NY (02/09/2022)

Last fall hundreds of Tulip Test Gardens were planted across North America. As spring approaches, tulips are emerging in the Southeastern U.S. and even in the Mid-Atlantic as far north as Pennsylvania and New York.

Marianne in Philadelphia, PA: “Two of the tulips have emerged. It is surprising because it is winter and now it is snowing.” (01/21/2022)

Shannon in New Bern, NC: “We have 15 tulips emerging out of the 50 we planted.” (02/04/2022)

Vienna, VA: “We have several of our tulip bulbs beginning to emerge. With temperatures at night in the teens though, we are worried the tops might be damaged. We are expecting a warm-up later this week.” (02/10/2022)

Spring is Around the Corner

Gather your questions about tulips, gardens, planting experiments, daylight, and climate. This project is a great way to spark curiosity in students.

  • Are my tulips growing?
  • How does weather affect tulips?
  • What is happening underground?
  • Where on the map will the first tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips bloom?

This spring, report from your garden twice: when tulips EMERGE, and when tulips BLOOM.