Emerging Tulips!

February 16, 2023 by Team Journey North

Please report to Journey North from your tulip garden twice this spring: when tulips emerge as well as when tulips bloom.

Emergence in Pennsylvania
Photo: Susan in New Oxford, PA (02/01/2023)

Spring Around the Corner

Last fall hundreds of Tulip Test Gardens were planted across North America. Though winter is still here, spring is upon us, and tulip emergence across the U.S. is being reported to Journey North:

Elaine in San Anselmo, CA: With all the winter rains in California, we were worried that the bulbs wouldn’t make it, but we are seeing emergence finally! 4 out of 25 bulbs so far!” (02/12/2023)

Heather in Hamilton, GA: “Our Park Elementary first grade Tulip Test Garden has had several tulips emerge. Today was 60 degrees, slightly breezy, and sunny. We noticed cirrus clouds in the sky…” (01/20/2023)

Akil in Ellicott City, MD: “Baltimore has experienced a series of above average, warm winter days in December and January. In previous years the bulbs did not emerge until late March.” (02/02/2023)

Inquire and Investigate

Gather your questions and predictions about tulips, gardens, planting experiments, daylight, and climate. This project is a great way to spark curiosity and investigations.

Charlotte in Swanquarter, NC: “… Our class predicts that our tulips will bloom before Durham schools because we are close to water and it is warmer here than other places.” (01/24/2023)

Grace in Atlanta, GA: “The 2nd graders are excitedly checking on our tulips waiting for them to bloom!” (02/01/2023)

More questions to ask could be:

  • Are my tulips growing?
  • How does the weather affect tulips?
  • What is happening underground?
  • Where on the map will the first tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips bloom?

Remember to report from your garden twice this spring: when tulips EMERGE and when tulips BLOOM.