Take-Home Letter


Dear Families,

Our class is planting a tulip test garden as part of the international science project called Journey North. We will connect with hundreds of other schools in the Northern Hemisphere. We are beginning this fall by planting Red Emperor tulip bulbs. Next spring, we will share our local observations and track spring’s progress.

Join the Experiment at Home!

Students can extend our class experiment by planting one or more Red Emperor bulbs at home this fall. Enlist family and friends in faraway places to join you by planting too! Because this is an experiment, all gardens must be planted in the same way:

  • Plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs
  • Plant away from building foundations and sidewalks
  • Plant bulb 7 inches deep
  • Plant bulb pointed-end up

Next spring, your child should report back to the class when your tulips EMERGE and again when they BLOOM. This information will be shared with the other participating schools on Journey North’s Web site. As each school announces the arrival of spring in its community, students will plot the progression of spring across the Northern Hemisphere.

Join the Journey!

  • Make Predictions! Have fun with your child this winter as you wait for spring. Choose gardens across North America and predict when tulips will emerge and bloom.
  • Tour Journey North online at journeynorth.org

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please call.

Yours respectfully,