Chuck's Weekly Birding Report

August 12, 2020 by Team Journey North

What species is Chuck observing? Find out in his latest birding report from Journey North's home base, the UW-Madison Arboretum.

Great Blue Heron and Sandhill Crane at UW–Madison Arboretum. Photo: Chuck Henrikson

Chuck Henrikson’s Birding Report From UW–Madison Arboretum

“Something that really struck me recently was how quiet certain areas have been. When I thought about it I realized that most birds have mated, built their nests, hatched their eggs, fledged their young and fed them to the point of being mostly independent. All the early sounds were songs as part of courtship behavior and chirping by fledglings wanting to be fed. With most of that finished there’s not as much to talk or sing about. Now it’s time to find food, eat and prepare for migration.” Read Chuck’s Weekly Birding Report #21.

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