Chuck's Weekly Birding Report

October 21, 2020 by Team Journey North

What species is Chuck observing? Find out in his latest birding report from Journey North's home base, the UW-Madison Arboretum.

Eastern Bluebirds at UW–Madison Arboretum. Photo: Chuck Henrikson

Chuck Henrikson’s Birding Report From UW–Madison Arboretum

“Let’s start by trying to recall what birds have migrated out of the Arboretum and have flown farther south. They are really out of sight and out of mind. This morning I started to make a list and thought it would not really be very long but as I looked back in my birding notebook the list turned out to be quite extensive. Here are a few on the list…” Read Chuck’s Weekly Birding Report #31.

Weekly Forecasts for Migrating Songbirds: February to May 2021

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