Migration News: March 4, 2016
By Mary Hosier
Aaaand...we're off! First Ruby-throat sightings in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi came in this week. Watch the Gulf region as winds shift from north to south bringing pulses of birds across from Mexico.

Rufous in winter
Males Arrive First  

Highlights: First Sightings

Most first sightings of hummingbirds are males. Along the Gulf Coast, where some Ruby-throats overwinter, hummingbird bander Nancy Newfield describes how she can tell if an early bird is a migrant.

"Sparkling and bright" is how Nancy describes the plumage of a migrant male Ruby-throat in late winter or early spring. "Wintering adult males are still molting. Their wing, tail, and contour feathers will be quite dull by comparison."

Mount Dora, Florida
"I saw a male ruby-throated hummingbird darting around red passion vine blossoms and then quickly fly up through the tree tops. It was a clear sunny day in Central Florida around 10:30am."

Rufous Migration
Mostly males are being reported as the first birds seen this spring in the Pacific Northwest.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
"The Rufous have returned and the resident male Anna's are not happy. Fighting started immediately and hasn't stopped for 2 hours. I put a fresh feeder out and when they take a break from battle, they eat like little lumberjacks. I love this time of year!"

rubies sparring
Males Sparring
Strong Flight Feathers
wind map
Watch the Winds
Rufous Spring Migration


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