Still Nectaring Along Migration Routes

October 8, 2019 by Team Journey North

Journey North citizen scientists express surprise to find hummingbirds still in their regions. A few reports of large numbers from states along the Gulf of Mexico.

“Way too many to count this morning,” exclaimed Christy. (Robstown, TX; 10/01/2019)

Slowly Making Their Way South

Journey North citizen scientists are still reporting hummingbirds busy nectaring throughout the Great Lakes, mid-western US and along the Atlantic seaboard - even into northern New Hampshire. 

From Hamilton, ON: Kathy noted, “Still showing up for a bit.” (10/04/2019)

From Rosemount, MNKari couldn’t believe when she “saw a baby hummer…drinking from my flowers. Wow! October 6 in Minnesota!! What a sight!” (10/06/2019) Link to report

From Lowell, MIMarjorie described that “after heavy rain and cooler temperatures, we saw this little “oversized” hummingbird, getting ready for a long flight. This is the latest in the season that we have seen hummingbirds in our area. Safe journey!” (10/03/2019)

From Twin Mountain, NH: Leslie reported, “The Ruby-throat that arrived 23 Sept is still here.” (10/08/2019)

Spring Hill, KS: Alan reported, “Still seeing a few every day.” (10/05/2019)

From Rockville, MDLilian found she still had two hummingbirds “one is a male juvie and the other an adult female…My hummer departure date has consistently been October 6, with the exception of last year, when they stayed until the 12th. Curious to see how long these guys will stay.” (10/04/2019)

Along The Bitterroot Ranges

Ronan, MTBipin reported having “had the bird visiting our feeder for weeks now. The weather has been awful here and last night got in the low 20’s. We have lived in MT for over 20 yrs and I’ve never seen a hummingbird this late in the season.” (10/01/2019)  Link to report

Kamiah, ID: Pam observed ”2 immature Anna’s males and…1 young Rufus female.” (10/01/2019) Link to report

From Mccall, ID: Cheryl noted ”one or two Rufous stopping at the feeder late in the day, then they are gone…surprised to see with colder weather and at 5000 ft elevation.” (10/04/2019) Link to report

Another Lighter Colored Hummingbird

From Council Bluffs, IA: Allen reported seeing another “white hummingbird.” Allen’s photo indicates that this is Leucistic hummingbird not an Albino hummingbird. (10/01/2019)

Keep Your Feeders Up

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From Caledon, ONMichele thought the hummingbird season had ended. “I had [not] seen one since the 16th of September…till today! She was tired though…most of my photos were with her eyes closed. So glad I am still maintaining a couple of feeders even though I only saw her sip from my lobelia so far. And I’m still seeing bugs too (which they eat for their source of protein). Keep those feeders going!” (10/06/2019)

Temperatures Dropping

Many observers have expressed concern about rain and/or cold temperatures. Read about fluffing, shivering, and going into torpor in this week’s featured article.