Hummingbird Migration Continues Despite Cold Temps In Northern Regions

October 15, 2019 by Team Journey North

People continue to report hummingbirds in the Rockies, the Great Plains and the Midwest of the US. There was even one sighting in Alberta.

“Seen all day long at the feeder.” Photo by: Barbara (Irving, TX; 10/11/2019)

Snow and Cold Temps

Winter has arrived in hummingbird breeding territory. An October snowstorm blanketed the northern Rockies and Northern Plains dumping 1-2 feet of snow across the Dakotas and several inches in Colorado. Northern Minnesota received several inches of snow. Journey North citizen scientists express concern for hummingbirds still observed in the northern reaches of hummingbird breeding territory.

From Fort Macleod, ABSheila observed “an immature male Rufus at the feeder. He has weathered 2 big snowstorms and freezing temps. I am amazed he has survived.” (10/12/2019) Link to report

From Ronan, MTBipin reported an Anna’s hummingbird. (10/14/2019)

From Littleton, CO: John questioned if it was “too late for the little guy” to still be present with “temps outside below freezing.” (10/12/2019) Link to report

From Bricelyn, MN: Sarah noted, “I have 2 hummers fighting over the feeder this afternoon. I made them fresh syrup, filled a second feeder, and wrapped towels around the feeder to try to keep the nectar warm longer. It’s horrid out, 37 degrees with a fierce 20+mph WSW wind. Cold and gray. I hope these guys can make it through the weekend until temps warm up again.” (10/11/2019) Link to report

From New Era, MI: Kara commented, “Our resident hummers all left a couple of weeks ago, but this female arrived last week and has been here every day getting bigger and drinking often. She likes to just sit, eat and look around. She goes between all 3 feeders & she’s been there for 5 minutes before! I’m sure she’ll be leaving soon.” (10/13/2019)

From Cambridge, WI: Jane observed, “juvenile female hummingbird passing through for her second day here. This morning at 7:15 am she visited the hummingbird feeder. Also, the tiny juvenile female that has been in our backyard this summer flew by. Not sure if I will see them tomorrow. They should be migrating soon.” (10/12/2019)

Very Active in Southern US

From Irving, TX: Barbara had her “First sighting of the hummer today…Temps today were pretty nice, in the high 70’s and sunny. Seen one of the hummers flying around in the tree, just in this one spot and then spotted the other hummer. Guess the one was trying to get the other to find another tree to sit in. Seen one hummer at a time at the feeder pretty often today. I was able to follow it up to the branch where it would sit…” (10/13/2019)

From Horseshoe Bay, TX: Sondra noted, “Even with temperatures in the 40s yesterday and the 50s today, my 2 female black-chinned hummers are still here. Watched one drink from feeder for a very long time today. Filling up for the journey!” (10/12/2019) Link to report

From Johnson City, TN: Melanie reported seeing one “Lone first year male on his way south. It has been a week since the last hummingbird visited and that one was too timid to visit the feeders. It stuck to the many late season nectar plantings.” (10/11/2019) 

From Bessemer, AL: Susan noted, “This hummingbird was migrating through — I had not seen any hummingbirds for one week when this one appeared at the zinnias briefly, then it flew away.” (10/11/2019)

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