First Report From Mexico. Only A Few Sightings From Northern States.

October 22, 2019 by Team Journey North

Cold temperatures hasten hummingbird migration to Mexico and Central America.

“So glad we left our last feeder up. Surprised but happy to see this traveler. She takes long draws and has returned multiple times to fuel up.” Photo and comment by: Mary (DeSoto, MO; 10/21/2019)

First arrival reported in Mexico

Journey North citizen scientists in Mexico have reported the arrival of Ruby-throated hummingbirds. However, more reports are needed! 

From Jaumave, Tamaulipas, Mexico: Arnulfo reported, “Hundreds of ruby throated hummingbirds feeding on Tithonia tubiformis flowers!” (0/12/2019)

Only a few reports for northern US

From Fergus Falls, MN: Helen commented that they “had already put our feeders away. Lucky for this hummer [our neighbor] had not. Snow in October is rare here and hummers in snow are very rare.” (10/14/2019)

From Colorado Springs, CO: Patrick reported seeing “One female hummer at our feeder today. Saw her several times late morning and mid-day, but not in the evening. She was probably just passing through and stopped for a few hours to refuel.” (10/20/2019)

Along the Gulf Coast remaining hummingbirds are busy nectaring and recharging at feeders.  

From Bristol, FL: Lisa found a hummingbird “Nectaring on the Cardinal Guard and hanging out on a camelia branch nearby on breaks from feeding.” (10/21/2019)

From Irving, TX: Barbara “returned home this evening Monday, Oct 21st, and went out to the back yard to see if my little hummer buddy would appear and he did. I picked the feeder up to move it in the sun so I could get a better picture if he did appear and just a little bit after I picked up the feeder, he flew on over and around, like letting me know he’s still there, not to take his feeder away. I know here soon, I’ll walk out and he won’t greet me in the early mornings when I bring his feeder out.” (10/21/2019) 

Keep reporting to Journey North

Only a few more weeks remain for tracking the fall migration of hummingbirds.