Still Seeing Hummingbirds

October 29, 2019 by Team Journey North

Only one week remains to report your hummingbird observations for the Fall 2019 migration season.

“Just hanging out!” Photo by: Melody (Brandon, MS; 10/26/2019)

“Still Seeing Hummingbirds”

From across the US and the southern region of Canada, Journey North citizen scientists echo a common refrain: “still seeing hummingbirds”. Observers are still seeing an occasional hummingbird at feeders and nectaring on fading flowers. Many observers are going out of their way to ensure migrating hummingbirds have enough nectar along their flyways, including wrapping their feeders to keep sugar water from freezing. Recent cold temperatures in the north should hasten hummingbirds along their migration flyways. 

From Fort Macleod, AB: Sheila exclaimed, “He’s still here!” (10/22/2019)

From Portland, OR: William commented, “Still seeing several hummingbirds around. Many look young. (10/28/2019) Link to report

From Lowell, IN: Tim remarked, “a lone lady hummer spent a lot of time at the feeder, took a look at me and flew off south, heading for some place warm.” (10/25/2019) Link to report

From Utica, IL:  Dave & Diana had “thought all the hummingbirds were gone! Just saw a female nectaring on petunias in hanging baskets, which were not their preferred flowers this summer. We have not had a hard frost, so we do still have some flowers. Cold temps and possible snow are predicted for next week. (10/25/2019) Link to report

From Pekin, IL: M reported, “This hummer appeared about 7am in the morning fog. It visited the feeder several times & we last saw it around 9am. We believe it’s the same one that arrived yesterday afternoon in the rain…This is now the latest sighting in Oct for a hummingbird at our home.” (10/27/2019)

From Irving, TXBarbara reported “Still seeing our one little hummer.” (10/28/2019)

From Memphis, TN: Nancy “Saw my resident female all weekend. She was nectaring on cuphea and “Black & Blue” salvia. I saw her until 5:30 last evening and again this morning at 7:00. She doesn’t eat at the feeders but I’m keeping them fresh anyway. (10/28/2019) Link to report

Keep Reporting

We have one more week for reporting your hummingbird observations to Journey North.