Late-season Sightings

October 27, 2020 by Team Journey North

Fall migration is slowing but not done yet. If you're still observing hummingbird activity, keep reporting!

“A late migrating, immature male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird feeding on the blooms of justicia brandegeana or ‘Shrimp Plant’. Photographed in my yard in SW Ohio.” Photo: Bud (Middletown, OH; 10/22/2020)

Activity in the Midwest

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are still being reported in the Midwest even as temperatures continue to drop. How much longer will they remain in the region?

Jennifer in Lawrence, KS: “This is the 2nd one I’ve reported this morning.” (10/26/2020)

Kathleen in Alton, IL: “Just saw a female at the feeder. It is raining and 36 degrees here this morning. Will keep a count today of all sightings and post later if I see any again. What tenacious little travelers they are!” (10/27/2020)

Along the Gulf Coast 

Mary in Corpus Christi, TX: “It was nectaring at the lantana bush in the backyard.” (10/25/2020)

Carla in Crowley, LA: “Sometimes they chase each other off the feeders and off the cigar blossoms. They also tolerate each other, one feeding at the feeder while the other sits perched atop the shepherd’s hook. Meanwhile, we watch them and enjoy their presence.” (10/27/2020)

Rare Rufous Report

A rare report of a Rufous Hummingbirds well outside their expected migration range came in from  Massachusetts!

Christine in Chatham, MA: “After a night of heavy rain and strong winds, I spotted this hummingbird feeding from my deck plantings. She didn’t look like a typical ruby-throated which is all I have ever seen in MA. I was able to snap a single picture when she came to the feeder briefly. She definitely has a burnt-orange back, and I believe is a Rufous Hummingbird. (10/17/2020)

Out West

Anna’s and Black-chinned Hummingbirds are finding valuable calories thanks to Journey North citizen scientists.

Mary in Alamogordo, NM: “This Anna’s Hummingbird showed up on 10/19/20. I have seen it everyday including today so far. Snow is expected tomorrow and the next day. I have a feeder heater if I need it… I have only seen one Anna’s before in 2017 during fall migration.” (10/26/2020)

Mindi in Boise, ID: “Standing near feeder when female Black-chinned flew up. She took her time, drank, and sat a while. Surprised to see one since it’s dropped below freezing. So glad I left the feeder up.” (10/25/2020)

Only a Few Weeks Left!

Only a few more weeks remain for tracking the fall migration of hummingbirds. Keep watching and reporting! And remember to keep your feeders up at least a week or two after your last sighting – stragglers may yet come through.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of hummingbird tracking.