Winding Down

November 3, 2020 by Team Journey North

November is here and fall migration is winding down. Are you still seeing hummingbirds?

“This beautiful adult male Rufous showed up today even though we got snow today for the first time in a very long time… The last time I saw an adult male Rufous was on 10/15/20… It was a huge surprise!” Photo: Mary (Alamogordo, NM; 10/27/2020)

Stragglers in the Midwest and Ontario

Journey North citizen scientists are still reporting Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Midwest and southern Ontario, Canada. Fall migration is winding down in these areas but not done yet!

Deb in Bourbon, MO: “Have been seeing 1 female for about a week now.” (10/28/2020)

Darlene in Leamington, ON: “My friend Nancy lives on Hwy 3 in Leamington’s east end & has for the 3rd day a female Ruby Throated Hummer nectaring from her Salvia. Last night was a cold -2c so Nancy put out new warm nectar mix in the feeder … We have a warm week coming up…highs of 15°c & overnight lows of 8 to 10°. Hopefully it will take advantage of the warm temps & leave to go south.” (11/02/2020)

Activity Along the Gulf Coast 

Hummingbirds are fueling up along the Gulf Coast before they head to overwintering grounds farther south.

Diana in Schriever, LA: “Had 3 hummers yesterday. But with Hurricane Zeta, wasn’t able to be outdoors today. Only saw this one for a little while. First on feeder then on Cigar Plant flowers.” (10/28/2020)

Kathi in Matagorda, TX: “Following recent high winds and cold front, hummers are finding our new feeder en route south across the Gulf of Mexico!” (11/01/2020)

Arrivals in South Florida 

Reports are picking up in the Sunshine State. Most of these hummingbirds will continue their journey to Mexico or Central America, although a handful will stay and overwinter in south Florida.

Donald in Palm City, FL: “Have a few that feed from my Firebush this time of year.” (10/28/2020)

Michael in Big Pine Key, FL: “Finally. Adult female. 3 weeks later than last year.” (11/01/2020)

Out West

Winter-like conditions have arrived in high altitude areas out west. Resilient hummingbirds are finding valuable calories thanks to Journey North citizen scientists.

Jackie in Austin, NV: “Same bird I posted couple days ago right before frigid night - next AM it showed up! Feeders were frozen solid so guessing got down to somewhere in 20’s. Got some warmed nectar out, and bird had huge breakfast … Finally got pic with some gorget color - still thinking Anna’s female/juvenile.” (10/27/2020)

Emily in Ruidoso, NM: “After 2 days of freezing temperatures and 9” of snow; today’s high was 56-degrees. Had a few females visit our feeder.” (10/29/2020)

Three Weeks Left!

Hummingbird News Updates will conclude on November 24. However, monitoring hummingbird activities wherever you are during the months of December, January and February will continue. Keep watching and reporting!