More Hummingbirds Observed!

March 8, 2019 by Team Journey North

Keep Reporting Your Sightings of Hummingbirds!

“Our first Ruby-throated hummingbird.” Photo by: Seth (New Orleans, LA; 03/01/2019)

Moving North

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have arrived! Volunteers have observed several male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds along the Gulf Coast. 

From New Orleans, LA: Seth commented, “This is our first [Ruby-throated] hummingbird observed in our yard since 15 November 2018. It is an adult male.” (03/01/2019)

From Jasper, AL: Victoria exclaimed: “I just happened to look out my window and saw, a [Ruby-throated] hummingbird moving fast. It paused over the daffys that were blooming, then hovered, over the butterfly bush, not ready to bloom. Paused then flew out of sight. I hung out my feeder at once. He was early, we have had really warm temperatures, but it is turning colder for a few days…I hope the [hummingbird] will be ok.” (03/03/2019) 

Western Species

Volunteers are also reporting the arrival of Black-chinned and Rufous Hummingbirds with one resident Broad-tailed joined recently by several Ruby-throated hummingbirds.

From San Antonia, TX: Lee commented, “We have had Broad-tailed males residing here north of Houston since November. They arrived after all the Rubies had departed. Unlike the last several years, we had no Rufous stay with us at anytime this winter. I began to spot a few Rubies in late February. All males. About 10 years ago we had the earliest Ruby on Feb. 5th.” (02/28/2019)

From Willis, TX: Kenneth noted, “Male Black-chin arrived on 02/28/19 and has been visiting Coral Porterweeds and Dwarf Powderpuff tree that are blooming as well as feeders.” (03/01/2019)