Hummingbirds Continue to Advance Northward

April 5, 2019 by Team Journey North

Slow but steady northward advance this week.

“First male (Rufous hummingbird) of the season and he waved at me!” Photo by: Ellie (Winters, CA; 04/03/2019)

Leading Edge

This week, for Ruby-throated hummingbirds, we find the leading edge of the migration reaching Maryland. Sighting continue to be posted for Rufous, Anna’s and Black-chinned hummingbird. We have even seen some nectaring activity. 

Eastern Hummingbird Species — Ruby-throat Hummingbirds

From Lutherville Timonium, MD: Carla noted, “RT Male flew in, zoomed the suet cage, then perched in a nearby tree. I immediately got my feeder filled and out! Haven’t seen him come back yet.“  (04/03/2019)

From Gilbertsville, KY: Barb exclaimed, Just got out feeders to be filled and hummer appeared!” (04/02/2019)

From Crowley, LA: Carla described that she had “Two male Ruby-throated hummingbirds…using the feeder fairly evenly. More often, when one arrives the other leaves rather than each constantly chasing the other away. One is plump and the other is longer and leaner. It’s almost as if they’re resigned to sharing the feeders since they’re both very hungry. My first clue that there was more than one hummer here was the constant chittering sounds males make when another male is nearby. The were times when both were within a foot of each other. I hope they stay around.” (03/26/2019)

Western Species—Rufous and Black-chinned Hummingbirds

Rufous hummingbirds continue to push northward along the coast of the U.S. into Canada. 

From Winters, CA: Ellie had this to report, “First male of the season and he waved at me!”  (04/03/2019)

From Comox, BC: From  the southern coast of the Comox Peninsula in the Georgia Strait on the eastern coast of Vancouver IslandSusan continues to report her observations. This week she saw “a female at the feeder. I think they have been here now for a week. Heard the males doing their mating ritual the other evening“  (04/03/2019)

Only a few sightings for Black-chinned hummingbirds this week. 

From Ivins, UT: Carla reported her “First male of the season “  (03/29/2019)