Hummingbirds Have Reached Breeding Territories

May 24, 2019 by Team Journey North

Thanks to all Journey North Citizen Scientists for helping to track hummingbirds during the 2019 spring migration.

“Two to 3 males were spotted.” Photo by: Shelley (05/15/2019; Montréal, Quebec)

Thank You 

It has been a successful Spring 2019 migration tracking season. Over 5000 hummingbird observations have been submitted by our Journey North Citizen Scientists. 

Hummingbirds Have Reached Breeding Territories 

In Alberta, Ruby-throated hummingbirds have reached latitude 54 North. Numerous sightings in the Canadian Maritimes and along the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Rufous hummingbirds have reached Valdez, Alaska

From Athabasca County, Alberta: Peter ”heard them humming, but it took some time before they would…sip the nectar. At least one pair of hummers. Finally.” (05/20/2019)

From Manitoba, Manitoba: Walter commented, “What an amazing..bird,welcome back to Manitoba.” (05/15/2019)

Fall Migration Just Around the Corner

While this will be our last news update until the Fall 2019 migration season, please continue to report first sightings for Rufous hummingbirds, Ruby-throated hummingbirds, general hummingbird observations and hummingbird nectaring from flowers observations


Thank you for all that you do to protect and track hummingbirds in North America.