Monarch Butterfly News: August 29, 2013
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We're waiting for reports of overnight roosts, a traditional sign of fall migration. Your observations reveal this year's unfolding story. Image of the Week
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News: A Slow Start
Waiting for Roosts
Every August, people in the north begin to report roosting monarchs. In a typical year, several dozen roosts would have been reported by now. This year, two observers wondered about clusters of three monarchs:

"Not sure if this counts as a fall roost," wrote Christina from South Dakota. She saw three monarchs where a roost of 200 monarchs was exactly a year ago.

"Last evening I saw three at dusk flying between the flowers and a nearby tree. I would describe that as roosting behavior," reported Laura Molenaar from Minnesota.

What is a Roost?
Monarchs only migrate during the day. At night they gather in overnight clusters called roosts. How many monarchs consistitute a roost? There is no standard number. Journey North sets a minimum of 12 clustering monarchs. The number 12 is arbitrary, but used for consistency in data collection.

Looking Ahead
The lack of roost reports may be more evidence of a declining population. Let's watch the wind and weather to see what happens next.

"Wind has been from the south and very warm temperatures (70's-90's). Monarchs are definitely in a holding pattern now, feeding until a north wind sends them south. First cold night could bring some roosts," says Pat Swerkstrom from Wisconsin.

Monarch butterfllies roosting in South Dakota
What is a Roost?
Christina Westley
A Typical Roost
A Typical Roost
Patty Moss
Monarch Butterfly

Watch the Wind 

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