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People are counting monarchs roosting by the hundreds, feeding by the dozens, and flying overhead at rates up to 16 monarchs per minute. Comparative counts reveal migration pathways — and are pointing to a larger population this year.

Monarch Butterflies Migrating in South Dakota
Alinda Wiarda    Dell Rapids, South Dakota    September 4, 2014
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News: Cold Front Sets Monarchs in Motion
A strong cold front swept across the continent from west to east this week, and people reported monarchs moving in its wake. Progressively, from South Dakota to Quebec, reports followed the passing of the front.

"There's a roost on my mom and dad's farm. Over 1,500 are clustering in multiple trees. When the sun hits the monarchs in the morning they open their wings and flutter around but mostly they seem to be resting." Yankton, SD September 6, 2014

"While driving west, I observed four monarchs in 10 minutes, all heading south across the highway." Chanhassen MN, September 7, 2014

Following Shorelines
Monarchs moved in a steady stream along the shores of the Great Lakes this week. The peak migration map shows where monarchs were concentrated and thereby reveals migration pathways. We can compare the flow at one site to the other by calculating migration rates:

Migration Rate: 3 per minute
"While conducting a hawk watch we watched as monarch after monarch flew by on migration. They were everywhere! Between 11:00 AM and 5:30 PM my best guess would be in the neighbourhood of 1,000! Oh, happy day!" Scarborough, Ontario September 6, 2014

Migration Rate: 1 per minute
"Counted 108 adults between 11 am and 12:30 pm. All headed from the north to the southwest." Mariatown, Ontario September 9, 2014

Graph: Monarch Butterfly Overnight RoostsGraph: Monarch Butterfly Overnight Roosts
Following Shorelines

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring on Joe Pye Weed
Counting Monarchs
Scott Miller
Graph: Monarch Butterfly Overnight RoostsGraph: Monarch Butterfly Overnight Roosts
Counting Roosts

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