Monarch Migration News: April 2, 2015
By Elizabeth Howard
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Migration enters Texas! The monarch parade began on Sunday and continued all week. What will this latest-ever arrival mean for spring production?

Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
Bill Jarvis     San Antonio, Texas     March 29, 2015

News: Arriving in the USA
It was clear on Sunday that the first migrants had finally reached Texas. People suddenly saw monarchs with torn and faded wings, flying northward, laying eggs, or stopping to drink or rest. The wave of arrival continued all week. Simultaneous sightings of multiple monarchs mean the butterflies were moving en masse.

"Saw two females laying eggs on side-cluster milkweed, Asclepias oenotheroides. First of season." April 1, 2015 Ft. Worth, Texas

"Saw at least four within 25 minutes, one at a time in separate locations, all on our property." April 1, 2015 Chalk Mountain, Texas

Late Arrival
This spring's return is the latest we've recorded. The first monarchs typically cross the Rio Grande by March 15. This year's arrival at the end of March makes the migration at least 2 weeks late.

"In the past 10 years, only once has my first sighting been later than this year's. We had a long cold winter with multiple March fronts making it far south into Mexico. A number of bird species were late in arrival here this spring to match." March 30, 2015 Utopia, Texas

Outlook for Recovery
Although the breeding season is off to a late start, Dr. Chip Taylor remains guardedly optimistic.

"I'm predicting right now that if the monarchs arrive in good numbers before the 15th of April — and this is a big if — then things are looking good for the population to increase this year. The long-term forecast shows temperatures in May look favorable and temperatures this summer will be normal or above normal for many of the production areas."

Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
The Season Begins
Kathy Metzger

Monarch Butterfly Migration and Wind
Going with the Flow

Critical Habitat
Annual Cycle
Spotlight: Answers from the Monarch Expert

Special thanks to Dr. Karen Oberhauser for sharing her knowledge and expertise with Journey North participants.

Monarch Butterfly Expert Dr. Karen Oberhauser
Conservation News

Monsanto to Provide $4M for Monarchs
Monsanto Agribusiness company says it's committing millions of dollars to the monarch recovery effort.

How you can help Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
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