Massive Arrival

October 30, 2017 by Elizabeth Howard

"A harmonious parade of monarchs were streaming across the sky. I have not seen such a massive arrival in years," wrote Estela Romero on October 30th.

Monarchs arrive at El Cerrito, Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico on October 30, 2017 by Estela Romero

They’re Here!

The weekend was calm and quiet. On Monday, Estela took her daily drive around town…

“There it was. My first of the season. I could very well see it flying along in such a royal, sovereign way — as if totally ignoring me! A wonderfully strong, bright orange and black butterfly, just like its name: Monarch.”

She continued on to El Cerrito, a hillside above Angangueo where monarchs stop before reaching the nearby sanctuaries:

“I walked into the woods and was simply spellbound. The massive arrival was just taking place. Even at this time of the day (12:30-13:00 hrs), some small clusters were forming. I have not seen such a massive arrival in years.” More…

Other First Sightings

During the previous 3 days, other observers had begun to see monarchs in the region.

October 27 Cerro Pelon Sanctuary: The very first sightings were made at Cerro Pelon and reported by Ellen Sharp. More…

October 29 Ocampo, Michoacan: About 300 hundred butterflies were observed at noon in Ocampo flying at 30-50 meters in the direction to the Sanctuary El Rosario.

October 29 El Rosario Sanctuary: A few hundred monarchs were observed flying at El Rosario.

October 30 Sierra Chincua Sanctuary: About 1,300 monarchs were flying very high over the firs at Peña Blanca at Sierra Chincua. On the 29th, a few were observed in the lower parts of the mountains.

Fall Migration 2017 Continues!

All week, monarchs were streaming across the skies of northern Mexico, with peak reports from  Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Guanajuato. Migration was strong along the Gulf Coast in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. There were still large roosts on the Atlantic coast and as far north as Canada!