The Journey Continues

October 4, 2023 by Team Journey North

October is here and monarch fall migration is in full swing. Activity remains high for both the eastern and western population. Keep reporting your observations to Journey North!

Photo: Lisa in Bartlesville, OK (09/28/2023)

Eastern Monarch Population

Illinois and Kansas remained hotspots for fall roosts along the Central Flyway, with the leading edge around latitudes 34-35°N in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and northern Texas. Peak migration events were largely concentrated in the lower Midwest and the Great Plains. 

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Western Monarch Population

Gail Morris reports from the West about monarch nectaring stops for refueling. Favorable temperatures and winds are helping them on their way.

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Please Keep Reporting

If you’re still observing monarch activity, we want to hear from you! Please keep reporting to Journey North. Thank you for monitoring monarch migration and for planting monarch-friendly habitats.