Leading Edge Nearing México

October 11, 2023 by Team Journey North

Exciting news continues as monarch migration ramps up. The leading edge of migratory monarchs along the central flyway are nearing México, and numbers were high along the eastern flyway. Out west, monarchs are being reported in all the western states.

Photo: Anita in Columbus, AR (10/09/2023)

Eastern Monarch Population

Migratory monarchs soon will be entering México en route to their overwintering sites. More and more monarchs along the Central Flyway are on their way. Texas is a hotspot of migratory activity with peak migration events and fall roosts being widely reported. Along the Eastern Flyway, activity is picking up in the Gulf Coast region.

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Western Monarch Population

Gail Morris shares in her report this week that monarchs are appearing in all western states, and the first monarchs are arriving at the northernmost California overwintering sites.

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Please Keep Reporting

Please continue to report any monarch activity you observe to Journey North. Your reports provide valuable information about monarchs and their migration.

Thank you!