Eggs Galore

May 31, 2018 by Elizabeth Howard

A surge in egg-laying confirms that this year’s first monarch generation is out in full force - and is expanding across the northern breeding range.

This egg - a member of this year’s 2nd generation - will be a grandchild of the generation that overwintered in Mexico. By Linda Gibson, Bemidji, Minnesota, May 29, 2018

Monarchs Make Manitoba

With this week’s northernmost sighting from Winnipeg, the migration has entered another new province, reached latitude 50°N, and expanded 2,000 miles north of the overwintering region in Mexico.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 25, 2018: “First, I was noticing the common milkweeds are growing nicely here. Then, I immediately noticed a beautiful monarch flying around. Right away I checked all the milkweeds nearby and found 10 eggs!!! Last year, It was June 10th when I saw the first monarch at the same spot. I thought with the late spring we had this year, they will arrive later this year. What a surprise!!!”

Eggs Everywhere

One sure sign that the number of butterflies has increased dramatically is the surge in the number of egg reports. Half of this season’s sightings were reported during the last 14 days. Look at this chart and animated map to see the explosion of eggs!

Generation Two

Females of this year’s 1st generation are laying eggs of the 2nd generation now. These monarchs will be the grandchildren of butterflies that overwintered in Mexico. And the cycle continues…

Butterfly Eggs