Peak Season at the Sanctuaries

February 10, 2021 by Team Journey North

Estela Romero shares news from El Rosario and Sierra Chincua sanctuaries in Mexico. Keep reporting monarch observations in the Southeastern U.S. as part of our targeted monitoring project. And get ready for the upcoming spring migration season – weekly news updates begin at the end of the month.

Clusters of Monarchs at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Mexico. Photo by: Estela Romero

Letter From Estela Romero: News from El Rosario and Sierra Chincua

At El Rosario and Sierra Chincua sanctuaries, Estela Romero worries about dry conditions but also marvels at the display of monarchs. She writes, “The sun rays are harsh and everybody comments how concerning this is. Clouds haven’t appeared since last Tuesday, and there was little promise of rain when they did … El Rosario continues to be impressive. It is a beautiful sight despite what appears to be a slightly lower population of the colony. The images speak for themselves.”

Read more of Estela Romero’s Letter: News from El Rosario and Sierra Chincua (English Version)

Leer más de la carta de Estela Romero: Noticias de El Rosario y Sierra Chincua (Versión en español)

Stay Tuned for Ellen Sharp’s Letter from Cerro Pelon Sanctuary Next Week!

Monitor Overwintering Monarchs

Thank you to all who have participated in our targeted monarch butterfly monitoring project. These observations will contribute to research efforts on overwintering behavior of monarch butterflies in the Southeastern U.S.

But your sustained help is needed. During the rest of February, please continue to report your monarch observations to Journey North.

Learn more about What to Report and view our Instructional Flyer.

Get Ready for Spring Migration

Monarch spring migration is just around the corner. News updates begin at the end of the month. If you haven’t done so already, register now so you can share observations for the upcoming spring migration season.