Summer is Near

June 9, 2021 by Team Journey North

This is the final Monarch & Milkweed News Update for spring 2021. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations. Please continue to report observations of adult monarchs, eggs, larvae, and milkweed throughout the summer months. And stay tuned for Pollinator Week, Western monarch summer reports, and the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz.

“Female monarch on cone flower. She was very tiny and looked new. Monarch Waystation 10,666.” Photo by: Amy (Newburgh, IN; 06/05/2021)

Another Great Spring Season

The 2021 spring migration season is coming to an end. So far, Journey North volunteers have submitted over 7,850 observations of monarch butterflies, monarch eggs, monarch larvae, and milkweed. We hope these migration updates have provided you a sense of joy and wonder. Please know that your reports contribute valuable data and help efforts to protect monarchs throughout North America. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations.

Eastern Monarch Population

Migrating Monarchs

Monarchs continue to approach the northern limits of their breeding range. In last week’s update, there were no reports of monarchs in Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. This week, monarchs have made good progress! Only Journey North volunteers in New Brunswick have yet to report first observations of monarchs. Up to this point, the northernmost report has come from Dauphin, Manitoba (latitude 51°N).

Ellie in Randolph Center, VT: “[Monarch Butterfly] in the milkweed patch.” (06/08/2021)

Barb in Saco, ME: “Looked like it [Monarch Butterfly] was struggling. Our milkweed and butterfly bushes aren’t bloomed yet. But the gardens are in full bloom! Come on Lil buddies!” (06/08/2021)

Connie in Hebbville, NS: “Mid-day, first monarch of 2021, a female, depositing eggs on plants.” (06/05/2021)

Mary J. in Dauphin RM, MB: “Spotted an adult Monarch Butterfly in our yard near Valley River, Manitoba. We have a pasture with Dwarf Milkweed and Swamp Milkweed, as well as planted Ice Ballet and Orange Monarch Love Milkweed plants.” (06/06/2021)

Heather in Kensington, PE: “First wild monarch I’ve ever seen on Prince Edward Island.” (06/06/2021)

Western Monarch Population

Letter from Gail Morris: Western Monarch Spring Report #15

In Gail’s final report for spring, she provides an overview of the season and details where monarchs are being spotted out west. Gail writes, “From the data you’ve reported, it appears to show some monarchs stay in some parts of Southern California and others seem to move outward on their Spring Migration. Even with the low overwintering population, some have sailed inland and also to Northern California with reports now of monarchs entering Oregon and even Washington but without a photo verification … Southern Nevada and Utah also have now seen monarchs arrive and move on as has New Mexico. It’s been a busy three months! Soon, as we approach the Solstice in late June, monarch movement will stop as they navigate nearby breeding grounds rich with native milkweed in bloom.”

Read more of Gail Morris’ Letter: Western Monarch Spring Report #15»

Stay tuned for Western monarch summer reports!

Summer Fun: Keep Reporting!

As spring migration winds down and first observations of monarchs dwindle, continue to report your observations under these reporting categories:

Pollinator Week is Coming Up

Pollinator Week is June 21–27. Join us to celebrate hummingbirds and other pollinators. Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate!