Moving Northward

May 10, 2023 by Team Journey North

Migration is moving at a brisk pace. Monarchs have now been reported as far north as New Brunswick, Canada. Activity will only increase over the coming weeks. Report your monarch observations to Journey North.

“Dozens of caterpillars sighted today on butterfly weed and swamp milkweed”
Photo: Marlene in Waldorf, MD

Eastern Monarch Population

Eastern Monarch Spring 2023 Report #5

From the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic, the leading edge of monarch migration still is hovering around latitude 40-42°N, though a few early observations have been recorded around 44-45°N. Based on our Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted) map, can you predict where monarchs will arrive next?

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Western Monarch Population

Letter from Gail Morris: Western Monarch Spring 2023 Report #9

Out West, Gail Morris shared that migration has increased. She writes, “Finally! After weeks of concern over their absence, monarchs appear. Many monarchs are now visiting gardens in Southern California and also in the Southwest as a new generation ecloses and spreads their wings to continue the journey north and east in the region.”

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Keep Reporting and Include Photos!

Migratory activity will continue to pick up throughout May. Report your monarch and milkweed observations to Journey North. If possible, please include photos. Photos help verify reports, and we enjoy sharing them with our Journey North community!