Letter from Pato Moreno: Better Days Will Come


Published: 02/09/2022

The month of January is over and it seems that the temperature has also increased a bit. During the last week of January it was still cold, and the days were very cloudy. So we didn’t see much activity from the butterflies, although it’s also obviously special to see the butterflies doing what they’re supposed to do: resting. 

With the arrival of February the days have cleared up and we have seen some mating. It gives me joy that I can see that the butterflies are flying and mating, because for everyone it is incredible when this happens. But at the same time it makes me sad to think that February has fewer days and the season for us to have butterflies here is getting shorter little by little.

It has been a special season, because the number of butterflies is something impressive. We have been able to count around 500 trees, which I can mention are also very small trees, no more than 15 meters high. I think if they were taller trees they would be about 80 to 100 trees that would be covered with so many butterflies. 

On the other hand, I can also say that I miss being able to share this experience with tourists, Cerro Pelon being closed this season, because for me it is important to see people’s reactions when they see how incredible this place can be and how magical this forest is.

—Pato Moreno, CEPANAF Ranger and Butterflies & Their People Supervisor 


Note to our readers: English translation is courtesy of Ana Moreno.

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