Letter from Ana Moreno: Almost at the End of Another Season


Published: 03/02/2022

We are almost at the end of another season, a season that made us learn something new as always. That made us adapt to a new way of life, a season that taught us to value what we have. These times have been difficult for everyone, but the most important thing is that we can share with the rest of the world our joy of witnessing again one of the most important migrations.

We have had guests from all over the world, guests who wanted to come since the previous season when both our sanctuary and JM Butterfly B&B were closed, and finally this season they were able to make true their trips.

Despite the fact that our entrance to the Cerro Pelón sanctuary is closed due to the pandemic, we have tried to share photos and videos on our social media, to show the butterfly activity throughout the season. In this way, we can say that the butterfly activity and matings are still continuing, counting thousands of couples, and everywhere that you look, you can see pairs and even in some videos you can see how the males are flying and carrying the females. 

Also for the three different colonies that formed in the last week in Cerro Pelón, the colony of La Peña is growing little by little, and the initial colony that was near El Capulín has around 20% of the total of the monarch population in this sanctuary. And the other colony that is about 200 meters from the first colony still has about 10 trees covered with butterflies.

Of course, not everything can be good, after a few days with butterfly activity and mating, on Thursday the cold came back and once again we saw the clouds, the temperature felt around 10°C, but throughout the day it began to clear and in the afternoon we saw them flying for a little bit.

And we can say that we are already feeling sad to know that the butterflies are getting ready to start their journey back to the north, it’s easy to tell because we have seen them looking for nectar and water, to keep the energy they need.

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—Ana Moreno, guide, JM Butterfly B&B


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