Eastern Monarch Fall 2021 Report #10


Published: 11/17/2021

Note: Observations highlighted in this report are from November 5–November 12. To explore more recent observations, check out “The Leading Edge” section of the news update and explore our maps.

On Their Way

Activity remained high north of the sanctuaries in Mexico and Texas as more monarchs approached overwintering grounds.

Robert in San Antonio, TX: “Most monarchs I’ve ever seen. Up to eight at a time in the sky. 150+ is a best estimate in a 30 minute observation period.” (11/05/2021)

Patricia in Natalia, TX: “8:30-10:30 Cool sunny morning-light wind. Spotted approximately 250 while driving between the cities of Devine, TX and Atascosa. TX. They were fluttering southbound about 20-30 feet up.” (11/07/2021)

Cecilia in Victoria, TAM: “11:15, 30 monarchs per minute, cloudy skies.” (11/12/2021)

Late Travelers Along the Eastern Flyway

Migratory monarchs were observed in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Gulf Coast regions along the Eastern Flyway. These monarchs are playing catch up: the Eastern Flyway often lags behind the Central Flyway in timing of migration. 

Phineas in Gulf Shores, AL: “At least 50 Adult Monarchs seen by beach.” (11/05/2021)

Colleen in Oak Island, NC: “3-4 monarchs every 10 minutes or so, landing on what appears to be honeysuckle. Then heading SW down the beach. I watched for an hour or so. I’ve seen similar activity each day this week at this location.” (11/09/2021)

James in Cobb Island, MD: “Surprised to still see a monarch on her way south this late in the season. Fortunately the Mexican sunflowers are still blooming so she can recharge for the next leg of the journey.” (11/11/2021)

Surprising Sighting in Canada

Monarchs were still spotted as far north as Canada. Will this individual make it to Mexico?

Laura in Leamington, ON“Elapsed time between two sightings approximately 10 minutes. Weather forecast to stay above freezing for the rest of the week so hopefully she makes her crossing soon. Still some nectar sources on the west side of the tip. Latest sighting for me ever.” (11/08/2021)