Migration Update: April 21, 2009     
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The Migration: Maps, Questions, Highlights

First Seen

First Wave

First Song Heard

Most of the new sightings are coming from northern Canada and Alaska this past weekend. While the snow and ice are slowly begining to melt, the North is beginning to come alive with the first migrants and other signs of spring.

In the lower part of the robin range, robins on territory have started their nesting rituals. Sighters are reporting excitement over the first hatchlings of the season! What's happening in YOUR schoolyard?

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Today's Map Questions

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Investigate: 2 Robins Stopped to Rest...

Two robins stopped to rest during migration one morning in my neighborhood. These two robins let me watch them for fifteen minutes! They hopped from branch to branch and tree to tree, but never flew.

During this time I learned so much about robins! What can YOU learn from studying the pictures I took?

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What does a robin need from its habitat? Is your robin's habitat ready?

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The Next American Robin Migration Update Will Be Posted on April 28, 2008.