Robin Migration Update: February 11, 2014
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Huge flocks of robins are on the move in response to winter weather events. Where are they going?

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Image of the Week
Four fluffed robins in snowy tree

Why Stay?

Image: Robert Perron
News: Huge Flocks

Winter storms blew across the map in the past two weeks, and flocks of robins were on the move. We had 200 wave reports, representing over 9,900 robins! The top 3 states reporting WAVE:

  • New York: 23 reports representing 976 robins
  • Florida: 19 reports representing 2716 robins
  • Michigan: 18 reports representing 427 robins

Wave sightings peaked on February 5 as snow and ice hit the East. Regardless of weather, we all perk up at the sight of robins!

California Welcomes Water and Robins
Experiencing its worst drought on record, California finally got rain—and the robins came too!

  • "Saw my first wave this season with a flock of 20 estimated, coincident with the first real rain here in months." Alan M in Pleasanton, CA , Kingsport (Feb. 2)
  • "We FINALLY got some rain, after 13 rainless months and the robins must be happy! Naomi in Felton, CA, (Feb. 7)

Big Numbers in Florida

  • "Several waves of Robins flew past our location, some stopping in the trees for a minute or so. There were hundreds, if not thousands." Bryan in Lake City, FL (Feb. 8)
  • "I was excited to see 300 robins this morning! Every year around this time, I get a wave of a few hundred robins, and sometimes a thousand. Keith M. in Alachua, FL (Feb. 8)
Robin in crabapple tree in winter
Photo: Julie Holland
Food First
Robins having mud bath
Photo: Kristina Mann
Puddle Bath
flock of robins and cedar waxwings
Photo: Ann Foster
Article: How Do Robins Keep Warm?

When temperatures plunge below freezing and blizzards pile up snow, how do robins keep warm? Discover the facts and write a poem:

Image of article about how robins keep warm
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