As Spring Turns to Summer

June 11, 2021 by Team Journey North

This is the final American Robin News Update for spring 2021. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations. Keep reporting general observations and nesting behavior of American Robins throughout the summer months.

“The 4 babies. 3 at 7 days old. One is 6 days. So cute. What devoted parents.” Photo by: Janice (Mashpee, MA; 06/01/2021)

Another Great Spring Season

The 2021 spring migration season is coming to an end. Thus far, Journey North volunteers have submitted 2,385 observations of American Robins. We hope these migration updates have provided you a sense of joy and wonder. Please know that your reports provide valuable information and paint a real-time picture of migration as American Robins migrate northward, establish territories, build nests, and rear clutches of eggs. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations.

Signs of Nesting Season Abound

Nesting behavior is still being widely reported. Keep your eyes peeled for nests, eggs, nestlings, and fledglings!

Sharon in Ogden, UT: “After seeing the pair of robins yesterday afternoon, one of them frequently returns to my backyard for either nesting materials or worms/insects–I see one of them returning several times throughout the day but have not been able to determine their nesting location in the nearby neighborhood.” (05/29/2021)

Janice in Mashpee, MA: “On day 11 in the nest all 4 [American Robins] were present. Today, however, it appears only 2 are left. They have their wingspan open, apparently trying them out. I shall miss them. They grew so quickly. Devoted protective parents.” (06/04/2021)

Rohit in Fishers, IN: “A robin’s nest with 5 eggs.” (06/10/2021)

Keep Reporting and Stay Tuned!

While news updates are ending for the season, you can still report general observations and nesting behavior of American Robins until the end of July. You can also participate in other Journey North projects such as monarch butterflies and hummingbirds throughout early summer.