Off to Mexico

October 19, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Beautiful hand-made paper butterflies carry messages of friendship, goodwill, and monarch conservation to students in Mexico. They will be off to Mexico soon!

Art and Spanish students get involved at Canterbury Elementary in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Exciting Send Off

Boxes of your ambassador butterflies are piling up at Symbolic Migration headquarters. Each butterfly packet is organized, recorded, and boxed to be sent off to the Mexican sanctuary schools. Spend some time exploring the map to read and learn more about the community committed to the monarch butterfly. 

“We are excited to help the Monarchs and be goodwill ambassadors!” Fincastle, Virginia

“Have a wonderful trip to Mexico!” Austin, Texas

“We are very excited to participate in Journey North this year.” Midland, Michigan

Creativity Abounds

Hundreds of ambassador butterflies will be sent to Mexico, and each is unique. With their colorful designs and messages of friendship, these ambassador butterflies show commitment to monarch conservation.

Sit back and enjoy a sampling of classroom ambassador butterflies in this year’s Fall 2017 Gallery.