Off They Go!

October 19, 2021 by Team Journey North

Susan Meyers from Monarchs Across Georgia provides an update on this year's Symbolic Migration Project. Classroom Ambassador Monarchs will soon be on their way to Mexico!

Classroom Ambassador Monarch

Thank you for joining the Symbolic Migration Project this season! We have over 1000 participating classes and groups this year from 3 Canadian provinces, 42 US states plus Washington D.C. and Mumbai, India.

If you haven’t done so already, please register and upload a photo of your Ambassador onto Journey North’s Symbolic Migration Participant Map. Directions for submitting this are at this link: How to Register and Submit a Sighting. Currently, there are 282 Monarch Ambassadors depicted on this map. 

We have received bins of Ambassador packets this past week and they continue to roll in from across the continent. Volunteers here in Georgia have already started processing them for delivery to Mexico. Our first UPS shipment is scheduled to depart the USA on Wednesday.

We love seeing the care and thoughtfulness that classes and groups have put into their Ambassadors which will become gifts to students in Mexico. We have heard from Estela Romero, our Symbolic Migration environmental educator, that students in Mexico are looking forward to receiving the Monarch Ambassadors.  

—Susan Meyers, Symbolic Migration Project Coordinator, Monarchs Across Georgia