Inspire the Next Generation of Monarch Stewards

September 12, 2022 by Team Journey North

We have a long way to go. Only 330 participants have registered. Help us meet our goal of 2000 participants.

Photo: Lisa (10/11/2019; Hollis, Alaska)

Inspire. Register. Participate. 

The Symbolic Migration Project inspires people from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to reach across international political borders to protect monarch butterflies.

As Lisa wrote from Hollis, AK,

We are a 24 student, two teacher Pre-K through 12th grade Alaskan island school…located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska [within] the Tongass National Forest which stretches across 17 million acres of land. Alaska’s largest National Forest, the Tongass is “one of the last remaining intact temperate rainforests in the world.” We are excited to connect with other schools and learn more about the rest of the world as we follow our butterfly’s migration. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible. (2019 participating school)

From Letitia in Erie, PA to Susan in Green Bay, WI, educators are registering to participate in the Symbolic Migration Project.

Feeling inspired? Please consider participating too! 

Registration is simple. Fees are nominal. 

Step #1: To participate, you must go to the Monarchs Across Georgia Symbolic Migration Registration Page.

>>The complete details on how to participate are in the Leader Packet for the 2022-23 Symbolic Migration season. 

>>Questions regarding the Leader Packet and how to register? Contact Monarchs Across Georgia at:

Step #2: To display your participating school on an interactive map, you must also register with Journey North where you can enter your Symbolic Migration Project participating school and upload one photo of an ambassador butterfly - or collection of ambassador butterflies. Watch the map, showcasing the international scope of this project. 

>>The complete details on how to register and map your participation are found in this how to webpage 

>>Questions regarding mapping with Journey North? Contact us.

Step #3: Once you have registered with Monarchs Across Georgia and mapped you participating school, nature center or home, let the learning begin.

>>Find fun educational resources on the Journey North website linked here.

The Symbolic Migration Project is a partnership project between Journey North, a program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization. Journey North manages the interactive Symbolic Migration Participant Maps and hosts all educational materials on the Journey North website. Monarchs Across Georgia administers the program and is responsible for all fundraising.