Join the 28th Annual Symbolic Migration!

September 25, 2023 by Team Journey North

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Families Learning Together
Photo: Madeline, UW Arboretum (09/16/2023)

Symbolic Monarch Migration Celebrates Year 28

The Symbolic Migration project builds bridges among youth in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. United by the monarch butterfly, youth from across North America learn authentic lessons of conservation, cooperation, and ambassadorship. 

And exciting news for this 28th year! There are even more Middle and High Schools registered to participate in the Symbolic Monarch project this year. Educators share the many ways they incorporate the project into their curriculum. As examples, students explore geography and practice their Spanish. They write messages in Spanish on their Ambassador Butterflies, and read Ms. Estela Romero’s blog posts—written in English and Spanish—describing her visits to schools and to a Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. You can read more about the Mexican school visits at

The Symbolic Migration project also facilitates the integration of science topics such as life cycles, wildlife migration, and population dynamics into existing science curriculum. Students can assist in contributing meaningful data on migration by participating in Journey North. In what ways will you include the Symbolic Migration into your curriculum?

In addition to the project being open to academic institutions, participants include families, home schools, nature centers, youth groups, and libraries. Read the complete project details in the 2023-24 LEADER PACKET (postmark deadline: October 20, 2023). 

An Example: The Symbolic Monarch Migration at the UW Arboretum

Nestled in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin’s vibrant capital, lies the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum. Here, a thriving ecosystem teems with an array of fascinating wildlife and an impressive variety of plant life. It’s not just a place; it’s a place of research, learning, and exploring.

The UW Arboretum also is the institutional home of Journey North. Recently, a family programming session centered around monarchs and migration and included the Symbolic Migration project into their day.

Read more here about this day of Arboretum Family Nature programming with the project.>>