Symbolic Migration Project: 28 Years of Inspiring Learning

October 19, 2023 by Team Journey North

1,111 Passenger Tickets Purchased

Youth creativity inspiring conservation learning

Welcome all participants to the Symbolic Monarch Migration project! It brings us immense joy to have you all on board as we embark on another year of learning together about monarch migration and conservation.

As of this update (dated October 18th), a total of 1,111 Passenger Tickets have been purchased, and we’re thrilled to report that our numbers are now nearing pre-pandemic levels. The symbolic butterflies are making their way to us, courtesy of USPS and UPS.

Our dedicated team in Georgia will kick off the Ambassador envelope processing on October 20th. What exactly does this entail? Well, our volunteers meticulously unbox the envelopes, count the life-sized butterflies, and ensure that each Ambassador package includes the requested contact information, a warm Hola Amigos letter, and a Passenger Ticket. Should anything be missing, we’re there to “fill in the blanks.”

These Ambassador envelopes are processed in the order they arrive, with each Ambassador receiving a sequential number and being carefully prepared for their journey to Mexico. On average, it takes a volunteer about 15 minutes to handle each Ambassador envelope. Of course, when everything is in order, the process moves even more swiftly!

We love seeing the creativity that participants use to decorate their Ambassadors and life-sized butterflies! We also look forward to seeing the photos of the smiling faces of the students in Mexico as they receive these beautiful Ambassadors as your gift to them.

Last migration season, Ms. Estela Romero initiated the delivery of Ambassadors in early November, coinciding with the arrival of real monarchs in the Transvolcanic Mountains of Michoacan and Mexico. We’ll keep you posted on Ms. Romero’s school visits through her blog, which will be available in both English and Spanish, just like last year. 

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Stay tuned for more updates!

Susan Meyers

Monarchs Across Georgia administers the Symbolic Migration project including coordinating the exchange of symbolic butterflies among 2000+ classrooms in three countries, engaging a contract worker to provide lessons and deliver materials in Mexico, and raising funds for the project’s continuation. Monarchs Across Georgia is a committee of the nonprofit organization, the Environmental Education Alliance. Journey North manages the interactive Symbolic Monarch Migration Participant Maps and hosts educational materials on its website. 

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