Just For Teachers: Suggestions for Assessment
After the Fall Migration Season

Now that the fall monarch migration is drawing to a close, it's a good time for students to reflect on what they have learned during the journey. The following activities and journal pages will help you assess student-understanding:

The Geography of Monarch Migration

Illustrate the monarch's incredible journey!

  • Show the path the monarchs take from your hometown to their winter home in Mexico.
  • Name and label the states and provinces they pass through.
  • Mark the best places to watch this fall’s migration.

Follow the checklist as you add these and other features to your map.

Checklist Map
Illustrate the monarch's incredible journey!


Traveling With a Monarch: Tell the Story of Fall Migration
As you've traveled with monarchs on their 2,500-mile journey, you've surely learned a lot along the way. Use your new understanding to tell the story of this amazing survival tale.

Ways to Tell the Story:

  • Write and illustrate a book.
  • Make a "travel brochure."
  • Create a poster or display.
  • Develop a lesson to teach younger kids.

Here's a checklist for your project...and a map you can draw on.

Checklist Map

Habitat and Migration
This fall, we've watched as millions of monarch butterflies left their breeding grounds in the north and traveled across the continent. They had to fly up to 2,500 miles to a winter home in Mexico in order to survive. What did you learn about habitat and migration?


Habitat is the place where all of an organism’s needs for life are met.

Food, water, shelter and space are parts of an organism’s habitat.

What did you learn about habitat and migration?

Breeding Habitat
How has habitat changed?

Fall Migration Habitat
What do monarchs need?

Monarch Butterfly Assessment Tools
Adaptation Concepts