Explore and Predict this Fall
November 9, 2016, Mary Hosier

Explore your garden site. Find its location on the continent and research temperature averages to help you predict emergence and bloom.

blooming tulips
 Adams School 2nd Graders, Midland, Michigan   Teri Bickmore

Control and Experiment
Does a bigger bulb grow faster or make bigger tulips? Will planting garlic with tulips keep the deer away? Students are putting their questions into experiments in the garden.

Massachusetts: "Sixth grade students each planted an experimental bulb and a control bulb."

New York: "We planted our tulips after the first frost. We also planted garlic around each bulb to protect them from underground rodents."

Michigan: "This is our 14th year of tulip planting in Midland. Still loving it."

New Hampshire: "Each bulb's mass was measured to see if there is a connection to the size of the tulip plant. We can't wait to see..."

Pennsylvania: "We planted our bulbs as it was getting dark. When we were done it was completely dark and we used flashlights and cell phone lights."


planting time in Pueblo

Gardeners in Burnesville

Gardeners in Midland

Your Garden
Explore your garden's latitude, elevation, distance from the equator, and distance from the nearest ocean. Find average monthly temperatures. Use all this information to help you predict when your tulips will emerge and bloom.

Garden Profile

Integrate Literacy and Science
Change over time is a theme in the tulip Test Garden and in literature at Union Elementary. After planting a tulip garden, first graders sequence the tulip life cycle and events in the story, Boxes for Katje. Thanks Linda Dostie and the First Grade Team in Montpelier, Vermont for sharing their integrated unit.

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Free Bulbs for New Gardens!
Red Emperor tulip bulbs available now for first-time Journey North gardening classrooms.

Launch page for tulip garden contest
Map and Journal

After planting
Report to the map.

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