Update: February 21, 2008 

Today's Report Includes:

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Data and Maps

Jumping Up and Down for Green Shoots!
Things are greening up! We now have 74 gardens emerging out of 425 planted. What percent have emerged? As temperatures rise and fall across the continent what kind of patterns do you see?
This week tulips made an appearance in Arlington, VA. Students reported, "Our tulips are growing. We see very little green shoots. When we saw them we jumped up and down and said 'Our tulips are here!" 2/15 Arlington, VA

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Gardeners' Comments

Gardeners comment about the weather this week:

  • "It has been really hot here for February but today it is FREEZING! We all hope our tulips will survive the cold and howling winds."  - Lilburn, GA 02/13/08
  • Blooming Tulips in Texas: "60 degrees F Soil temp 15 C. Earlier this month it was 72 and the soil temp 20 C. Temps are up and down. - Houston, TX 02/18/08
  • "We think they have emerged about a week ago. Our weather here has gone from 20s-30s to mid 40s and even 50 degrees in the sunshine."  - Edmunds, WA 02/20/08
Explore: Winter Plant Observations 
What's different outdoors in the winter than in the fall or summer?

Whether you live in Alaska or Florida, the natural world changes come winter. While you're pondering just what your tulips are up to underground, why not uncover what's happening to other plants this time of year? How do they survive the season?

Try This! The Outdoor Classroom
Go outside and choose one or more plants in addition to your tulips, to observe this winter and spring. Draw the plants and take notes about what you see as spring arrives.

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