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How Tall Are They Today?
(And tomorrow?)
Curious Scientists Want to Know!

News: Over 200 Gardens Emerging

This week there is plenty of excitement outside in over 200 gardens where tulips are emerging. Back in the classroom there are some interesting things to explore, too. Study the maps and describe where you think there are signs of spring in North America and Europe. Then, open your journals for more predictions—this time with the help of some Latitude Shoes*.

"We saw a robin and our tulips are peaking out!" Leesburg, VA 03/05/09

"We had an exciting day measuring our new emerging Tulips. They ranged from 1/4 to 2 inch." North Canton, OH 03/11/09

"Our tulips emerged! They looked very cool when they emerged. One of our kids noticed that even though he planted his upside down, it has still emerged. They also look reddish. We're very excited!" Ann Arbor, MI 03/11/09

Do the Math:
We now have 200 gardens emerging. Last week we had 117 emerging. How many more have emerged since last week?

NA map
Europe map

Asia map

(North America)
This Week's Map Questions (Handout) >>
You're the Scientist: Record Keeping

Scientists spend a lot of time observing and recording the world around them. Here are some examples:

  • Today we checked the tulip garden, and we measured them, and the range was from 1 to 8 cm. tall. Roosevelt, NJ
  • Our shortest tulip is .2 cm and the tallest is 8 cm. A different tulip has beaten the height of the tallest one that we have measured for 3 weeks. Toccoa, GA
  • Our smallest emerging plant was 1 cm tall and our tallest emerging plant was 8.5 cm tall. St Albans, WV
  • The tulips emerged on Saturday 03/07/09. By Monday they are a good 3-4 inches above ground!! Chevy Chase, MD

Record plant growth and conditions on this chart >>
This spring, track YOUR tulips' growth, and make a record of weather conditions. As you measure your plants be alert to conditions that could affect their growth. Use this growth chart to help organize your work.
Checking In : Spring Along the 45 Degree Line

Another New Garden Emerges at 45 Degrees
Did you know that everyone at this latitude has the same day length, or photoperiod? Are you starting to see a pattern to the emerging gardens? What factors might cause this pattern? Brainstorm ideas with your classmates.

This week we have an updated map, and more comments from the gardeners. Take a look!

  • Gardens on the 45 >>

Link to lesson >>
Geography: A Lesson in Latitude

The Latitude Sun Times

Latitude Shoes: New Invention Sweeps Across Earth
March 12, 2009

Today scientists announced what will probably be hailed as one of our century's greatest inventions. Latitude Shoes hover six feet above the ground while the earth spins beneath. Whoever wears these shoes can travel around the earth at their own latitude effortlessly.

Gardeners everywhere are invited to put on a pair of Latitude Shoes and go for a ride along the 45 degree latitude line visiting each Journey North tulip garden along the way.

Find out more >>

Explore: Tulip Trouble

Tulip bulbs are living plants. They breath (respire), and grow, and are sensitive to their environment. Occasionally something happens and tulips don't grow like they should. As scientists, we do our best to find out what may have caused the problem.

Let's take a look at some tulip problems. If you are having some unusual results with your tulips you might learn why.

  • Tulip Trouble >>

Trouble in Aspen, CO garden
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