Fall Is Here – Plant Your Tulip Test Garden Soon!

October 11, 2021 by Team Journey North

Fall is here and it's time to plant tulips! Join students and gardeners across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. Next spring, when tulips emerge and bloom, participants will report their observations and data.

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Plant Tulips and Track the Seasons

Join students and gardeners across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography, and the arrival of spring is revealed. 


There are now seven Tulip Test Gardens planted. Welcome!

Amy in Burley, ID: “Environmental Science students at the College of Southern Idaho Mini-Cassia Center planted tulips as part of the CSI Foundation Fundraiser. They will learn about Citizen Science as part of their experience.” (09/23/2021)

Sharon in Edmonton, AB: “We planted on a beautiful, sunny day. 20 degrees celsius. We are planting 3 weeks later than last year. We still haven’t had frost and it has been a warm fall.” (09/25/2021)

Marta in Shakopee, MN: “Fourth graders at Sun Path Elementary had a beautiful October afternoon for planting tulip bulbs. Temperature was 77, 0 precipitation, we noticed leaves are starting to turn colors. Our area was in a drought this past summer, weekend rains will be welcome.” (10/01/2021)

Terrill in Killarney-Turtle Mountain, MB: “We had a beautiful 23C fall day to plant our 100 tulip bulbs on Oct. 7th, 2021. Beds were prepped with bone meal (1 tbsp per square foot). The bulbs where planted so the top of the bulbs where flush with the surface of the existing raised beds. We then top dressed the beds with three inches of two year old composted horse manure and straw. The composted manure was then covered with 2-3 inches of year old leaves. Heavy rain expected 5 of the next 6 days.” (10/07/2021)

Plant Your Test Garden Soon and Report to Journey North!

Order and plant your bulbs soon as fall is here and winter is around the corner. Learn how to participate and order tulip bulbs in our step-by-step guide

Don’t forget to report your garden planting dates to Journey North!