Emerging Tulips - How Fast Will They Grow?

February 21, 2018 by Mary Hosier

The first tulip tips are emerging. How quickly will they grow and change?

Kindergarten and first grade students were thrilled to see that their bulbs had emerged on Valentine’s Day in Durham, North Carolina.

Tulips gardens are emerging in clusters. Study the map to see where there’s action!

Utah: “We measured 3 cm and are wondering how fast they will grow.” Reported from Salt Lake City on February 15.

Virginia: “Many of our tulips emerged during some unusually warm February weather! We will be watching to see if they all pop up by spring.” Reported from Charlottesville on February 14.

North Carolina: “We hope the temperatures don’t drop again too low for the tulips to survive and bloom.” Reported from Greensboro on February 12.

Tracking Change

Inspire students to think and act like scientists as they observe seasonal changes in the garden. Use note booking sheets to record soil temperatures, measure growth, and draw and describe the garden. Provide a workplace where  they can document discoveries and record questions.