Tulip Hide and Seek

February 28, 2018 by Mary Hosier

Keep an eye on the garden as we move closer to the March 20th Equinox. Are your tulip plants pushing through yet?

“We found out first emerged tulip on February 5th,” reported students from Bowie, Maryland.

Warmer than average temperatures were reported throughout eastern North America this week. Check to map to see how this may have affected Test Gardens. Elsewhere, maple sap is running and little bulbs are sprouting. When will your Red Emperor tulips emerge? With the Equinox less than a month away the watch is on!  

Virginia: “Early onset of spring temperatures welcomed the tulips in Burke.” Reported on February 26.

Indiana: “After a week of warm rain, the tulips came up and are about 2” high right now.” Reported from Anderson, on February 26.

Indiana: “We have some tulips emerging today. We also saw some cranes and some geese while we were outside. Perhaps they are thinking it is spring already. We had an enormous amount of rain last week. We think this made the animals and plants think it is already spring.” Reported from Middleburg on February 26.

Missouri: “Twenty-one  tulips emerged today. It is sunny and 59 degrees. It was a cold winter in St. Louis. We are happy to see the first signs of spring.” Reported from St. Louis on February 26.