Tulips Blooming

April 10, 2019 by Team Journey North

Even in the snow, tulips are emerging and starting to bloom.

“One of the three flower beds in our garden had 5 tulips emerge! The other flower beds still had some snow on them!” Photo by: Sofia (Duluth, MN: 03/29/2019)

Tulips Emerging

The calendar says spring, but some gardens are still covered with snow. Fortunately, tulips are resilient and designed to survive short periods of cold and snow—even when emerging and blooming!

From Corman Park No 344, Saskatchewan: Carmen notes, “6th year coming up.” (03/25/2019)

From Lewistown, MT: Steve exclaimed, ”Weather is warmer, the snow is gone, and the Tulips were emerging from the ground. Spring is starting.” (04/01/2019)

From Danbury, CT: Linda reports, Preschoolers are excited to see leaves emerging from bulbs planted last fall.(04/04/2019)

Tulips Blooming

Finally, Journey North members are reporting blooming tulips from southern and mid-Atlantic regions of the US. Journey North young gardeners now have proof that some cold weather may slow down growth in the tulip garden, but it won’t stop Red Emperors from blooming. 

From Manassas, VA: Ramona reports, We have six tulips blooming but more that will bloom as the weather continues to warm the days. We can see 52 tulips that have emerged.” (03/29/2019)

From Sliver Spring, MD: Students from St. Francis International School reported that their bulbs emerged on February 22: “Thirty-six of the forty tulip bulbs that second grade planted emerged. After a few days of spring temperatures our first tulip bloomed, and there are a dozen tulips with buds that are ready to bloom.” (03/29/2019)

Tracking Change

Study the map to see where there’s action!

Inspire students to think and act like scientists as they observe seasonal changes in the garden. Use notebooking sheets to record soil temperatures, measure growth, and draw and describe the garden. Provide a workplace where  they can document discoveries and record questions.

Keep Entering Your Reports to Journey North

Did you tulip bulbs emerge yet? We still haven’t heard any updates from Journey North participants in states such as West Virginia, Rhode Island, Michigan and New Hampshire. 

Have your tulips bloomed yet? Only nine of the thirty three states with Journey North Tulip Test Gardens have reported in.


Tulip Growth Factors to Track in Science Notebooks