Tulip Test Gardens Bloom

April 24, 2019 by Team Journey North

Tulips blooming across the U.S., but not yet in Alaska and Canada.

“Finally, one of four emerged and bloomed!” Photo submitted by Barbara (Pomeroy, WA; 04/12/2019)

Tulips Emerging

Finally, tulips emerging in Tulip Test Gardens in Canada and Alaska. 

From Kodiak, AK: Sharon notes, “Early for here. Have had a mild winter.” (03/14/2019)

From Winnipeg, MB: Cam reports, ”Small cluster of tulips first emerged in location with all-morning sun.”

Tulips Blooming

Tulips are blooming across the U.S. 

From Athens, GA: Laura reports, ”Almost all of our tulips have bloomed! We measured them and they were 5 to 6 inches tall.” (03/29/2019)

From Independence, KS: Patsy reports, “Mrs. McGrath’s first grade class reports that our tulips have bloomed! They are very pretty and colorful. Some have bloomed and some have not yet. Some are big and some are little. They are red with green leaves. The petals are very soft. Inside the petals they are purple and yellow. One bulb was growing three stems with blooms! We dug it up to confirm they were all from one bulb!” (04/01/2019)

From Rehoboth, MA: Karen exclaimed, “We returned from April vacation to find that our tulips had bloomed!” (04/22/2019)

Critters Nibble on Tulips

Students now have the challenge of keeping hungry rabbits from eating their tulips. 

From Ashland, OH: Angela comments, “Today, April 16th, one of our tulips is opened up in bloom. A few of the tulips have damage on the leaves where they appear that they were nibbled by a little critter. We have more tulips that have buds. We think more tulips will bloom before Easter.” (04/16/2019)

Tracking Change

Study the map to see where there’s action! Can you predict when the tulips will bloom in Alaska and in Canada? Keep measuring and reporting your finds to Journey North.