From Fall Bulbs To Spring Blooms

May 8, 2019 by Team Journey North

Last two weeks to report results from your Tulip Test Gardens.

“Tulips were very late emerging and about a week later than average blooming. About 13 of 100 tulips were fully opened on our bloom report date.” Photo by: Teri (Midland, MI; 04/27/2019)

Completing the Circle

We now have heard from many of our Journey North Tulip Test Gardeners. Tulip bulbs have bloomed from Texas to Alaska and from Washington state to Nova Scotia, Canada.

From Shakopee, MN: Last September, Marta reported that her class was making predictions for first emergence and blooms for their tulip test garden. “Friday was a perfect autumn day for tulip planting. We had sunny skies and 55 degrees. Forty-two fourth graders participated. We found worms and slugs as we dug the holes. After planting we noticed wind blowing the algae across the pond and bending the tall grass.” Then, on 04/26/2019, Marta and her class reported their first tulips blooming. “We notice that some plants are emerging in bunches while others are single-tons. The wet days ahead should bring additional growth and blooms.”

Spring Blooms and Spring Snow

Spring temperatures continue to be variable across the northern U.S., northeastern part of Alberta, northern parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

From Kodiak, AK: Peggy noted, “Beautiful color in our blooms. Even the ones the deer gnawed on earlier this spring managed to bring some color to the garden.” (04/30/2019)

From Chicago, IL: Beth reported, “Our tulips bloomed over the weekend, just in time to be a part of our plant unit. And then it snowed on top of them. They are beautiful!” (04/21/2019)

Journey North gardeners describe tulips blooming even with winter storms predictions. Luckily, tulips are hardy plants and can survive a few nights of light frost even after emergence. Even blooming tulips can withstand a light dusting of snow. The snow may weigh down and break tulip stems, but snow cover will not kill tulip bulbs.

From Lewistown, MT: Steve exclaimed, Flowers are up, but there is a Winter Storm Warning for this weekend with 4 to 6 inches of wet snow and temps dropping to 16 degrees at night.” (04/26/2019) read more here

Spring Turning Into Summer

Only two more weeks to record your Tulip Test Garden emergence and bloom dates. Our news updates end on May 22nd. 

Happy Gardening!